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Midnight Club LA Platinium + Complete Edition
Hi all,

We've recently learnt that Midnight Club Los Angeles is now available in Platinium version on PS3.

Moreover, as the following picture suggests, Midnight Club Los Angeles is also available in a Complete Edition, which means it now features the "South Central" mod and its new vehicles.

A good opportunity for Rockstar to boost sales !
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Welcome on Midnight Club Game !

Welcome on the GTA Légende's network's new site : Midnight Club Game !

Matéo (aka je-sais-pas on GTA Légende) and I have been working for several months on this project who could be the begining of a new sites serie.

Just like GTA Légende, MidnightClub Game offers you every informations about Midnight Club Los Angeles, tips, cheats, screens, and videos, and so one...
If necesseray, we'll do the same for the previous opus of Midnight Club !

The website is still in development process, that's why you may find some technical problems. Don't hesitate to contact us if necessary!

When you do, enjoy your visit !
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